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"The drop of water is afraid of melting into the sea, but the sea is not afraid of the arrival of the drop ..."

Fear is a highly disturbing factor in the life of the individual.

Understanding fear, seeing its root, without trying to judge it is the door of understanding.

No one, no individual on this planet is exempt from fear.
When a child is born he experiences fear as separation from the mother.


This energetic disconnection contracts the perceptual framework, originating the ego.

The ego is separation.

All separation supposes taking refuge in the part renouncing the whole.

The part always yearns to unite with the whole.
So the psychological fear at its root is the longing for loss of real identity.
When fear colonizes the activities of the psyche, it becomes highly harmful.

Fear has its own place in the life of man.

Living without fear does not mean becoming fierce, reckless, or ruthless.

Living without fear is essential to lead a life without violence. The origin of violence is fear.
The door that opens the disease of the body and the mind is also fear.


There is physical fear and psychological fear.
Physical fear is totally natural.

Psychological fear is the product of human conditioning.


The latter is responsible for the greatest personal, family and social suffering.
Psychological fear has thousands of facets.

One cannot eliminate one by one, the thousand faces of fear.
We would die before we understood it.

Only by going to the root of fear can we unearth all the pain it carries.

Sadness is fear.
Self-pity is fear.
Guilt is fear.

When sex is lived out of fear, it causes an existential void in the individual.

Religions are against sex.

They are in favor of controlling the individual with fear.


Once the individual bows to fear, he lives this concept as real.


Fear is the opposite of love.
If there is fear there is no love.

There is a fear of commitment in relationships.
There is a fear of what they will say.
There is fear of the unpredictable future.
There is fear of disease and old age.

At each stage of life fear adopts a different disguise. But the flavor is essentially the same.

The comparison is fear.

Envy that is based on comparison is also fear.

The military's blind obedience is fear.
Being a follower of someone feeds fear.

The desire for liberation is also fear.

Fear affects the rich and the poor.
The poor are afraid of the rich.
The rich are afraid of becoming poor.

Fear is always fear of something.

An image formed in the psyche catalyzes the activator of fear.

There is no border or nation for fear.
The fear of Italian is the fear of English.
Even Alexander the Great felt fear as a great conqueror.

Attachment creates fear.
Fear has led to the madness of war and inequality.

Fear is the invisible necklace that unites humanity today.

Fear of failure, fear of losing a job.


We live in a time of crisis.
Crises are moments of great opportunity and clarity for change.


The man is in crisis.

Crisis with himself and with his scale of values.

The politician lies out of fear.
Being in the hands of politicians means sinking into the mud of fear.


All ideologies nurture separation, which is the basis of fear.


If there is no hope for the human being, then fear ceases.


Full acceptance turns the coal of fear into the diamond of lucidity.

(Translated from the book "Vivencias en la Intemporalidad, palabras dictadas desde la Nada, colección textos sobre No-dualidad")

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