The Formula of Immunity

John   RNA program 3/2020

I have been wanting to change my life and improve my health because i had low energy in general and can get easily tired during the day. I met Santiago at an event, and just by seeing his physical shape, how young he looked for his age and his positive outlook, i thought that the system he created (which he also implements in his daily lifestyle) seems like something that does work. He was the living example of someone who is healthy, whether in physical or emotional form. So i decided to try out his program for myself. Santiago explains in detail everything, answered all my doubts and questions and is super nice. The best part was that he created for me a new lifestyle, revolved around my habits, that was easy to implement. I didn't have to make very difficult sacrifices nor a follow a super strict diet (aside dealing with my craving of being used to having sweet treats at night. Sadly I was advised not to eat sweets at night anymore). Of course I had to make some changes and make an effort, but it was a smooth transition. After 10 days, I felt better energy and was able to do more during my day, which increased my productivity for work but also for all the other aspects of my life. After a month, I also had lost weight and had a better looking body. 

The only real advice I give to anyone wanting to get better, is that you need to take action and make the effort on a daily basis. In the end, you are the only whom can create change within yourself.  If you follow Santiago's system and advice or even take other programs from other people or companies, and don't apply them, then you won't get any results. Make the effort and change your life !!