The Formula of Immunity

  • Strengthening of the Immune System

  • Weight Loss

  • Energy Increase

  • Anti-age


Santiago Varela is CEO and founder of Body Temple, currently working as a Health coach for various celebrities, high-performance athletes, and world champions, delivering comprehensive personalised plans, talks, and seminars. He is a high performance athlete and practices rock climbing and yoga among other modalities.


His story is of self-improvement: in his adolescence he suffered a lot of bullying for always being the smallest of his group of friends (without muscle mass and with a high percentage of body fat). What also marked him before and after in his life was the advice of a millionaire, a very beloved person who already had a lot of experience and full of "riches", who said to him: "Santiago, whatever it is that you choose as a career, make it very determined and work hard, but never underestimate health, because the same will happen as it did to me, I lost my health in search of money and today I am losing my money trying to recover my health, remember: HEALTH IS THE TRUE HERITAGE FOR ANY HUMAN BEING, never forget it ”.



And although Santiago's "genetics" did not seem to promise much, and despite the fact that his friends laughed at him and told him that he was NEVER going to conquer a strong and defined body because it was a matter of "genetics", that trauma led him to invest every second of his life in search of his dream.


After 18 years of experience, trial, error, much suffering and sacrifice, intense search and development, much research on high-performance topics, health, molecular nutrition, sports psychology, medicine, bio-decoding, history, philosophy, various teachers and scientists, and through science Santiago discovered "The formula of immunity." And he created the DNA method which is a NATURAL system that adapts to anyone regardless of age, sex or religious inclination. The DNA system offers all the necessary tools to build a balanced and conscious lifestyle.


This system allowed him to conquer his HEALTH, maintain it over time through the strengthening of the immune system, cell regeneration and increased energy. It also allowed him to live in the body of his dreams.

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