The Formula of Immunity

REST    (unconscious / conscious)
Is the main tool to counteract the negative effect of stress (main weakening factor of the immune system)​


Is the best tool to counteract the negative effects of unconscious nutrition (acidic foods), the second weakening factor of the immune system.


Is the fundamental tool to counteract the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle or excess activity (the third weakening factor in the immune system).


It is a natural maintenance system made up of three values:

In order of relevance, with REST being the base of the pyramid, MOLECULAR NUTRITION the second value of importance and CONSCIOUS ACTIVITY the third value of importance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



The human body is the most sophisticated operating system on the face of the earth. It is an organism made up of more than fifty trillion cells. The only electromagnetic machine capable of housing the mind and spirit, which are intangible but real energies. That like any machine, the human being imminently needs a maintenance system to ensure its proper functioning over time.

Good functioning translates into the concept of Health, such as the possibility of living free of diseases and immune to them and the ability to enjoy a general well-being at the body, mind and soul level. It is also the ability to express oneself at each of these levels (body, mind and soul) demonstrating adaptability, freedom, effectiveness, precision, skill, fulfillment, speed, strength, etc.

What Nietzsche described as the qualities of the super-man and what without going any further inspires sensations of what would be paradise, enlightenment, nirvana, buddha, etc. that represent the height of various religions, HEALTH.


The Formula of Immunity

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