The Formula of Immunity

Who am I

Santiago Varela is CEO and founder of Body Temple, currently working as a Health coach for various celebrities, high-performance athletes, and world champions, delivering comprehensive personalized plans, talks, and seminars. He is a high-performance athlete, practices rock climbing and yoga amongst other activities...

Is a company that seeks to offer the world through science a basic instructional manual to understand how the human body and its immune system work, the 3 greatest threats to the immune system which is the basis of all diseases, and provide the best tools to strengthen health.

A natural maintenance system made up of three values:

In order of relevance, with REST being the base of the pyramid, MOLECULAR NUTRITION the second value of importance and CONSCIOUS ACTIVITY the third value of importance.



In this book you will have at your fingertips in a very detailed way all the necessary tools to understand how the human body is composed and how it works.

The Formula of Immunity

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